4 Section Wall Art Commission/Wenge and Maple Burl:18 Pipe

This was the first hanging piece commission I have received. The client, David M. from Tobacco Days was very helpful in that he knew what he had in mind and was able to communicate his ideas clearly. I started drawing and refining the design about a month ago and once David and I, (actually I just went down and started cutting) the construction began. The result is as much a wall sculpture as stand.That is exactly what we envisioned. I don’t know how David was able to hang it in less than 2 hours. It took me an afternoon to get it on the wall just right. This was such an enjoyable project. First it was a new design and second I got to share the process with someone that was as enthusiastic about the piece as I was. We are definitely going to do this again. And I am presently working on another wall piece that I will make available soon.


#2 07-30-05

#1 07-30-10

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