About Neal Yarm Pipe Stands

#1Like so many pipe smokers I am constantly impressed with the incredible artisanship of today’s carvers. The breath of creativity affords everyone an opportunity to purchase some beautiful pipes. And like so may of you I regard these pipes as “little treasures” and take pride in my collection. That’s how I got started making pipe stands. I have a good size collection of pipes and they were lying around everywhere. The time came to consider purchasing some racks to clean up the clutter. Unfortunately the racks I saw had little to do with a majority of my contemporary shapes and sizes. And, they were just that, racks. I wanted to display my “little treasures”. Most of the racks for sale were of a quality inappropriate for my needs. They weren’t going to work and I didn’t want to settle. I wanted a display that would compliment the artistry of my finer pipes.

#6Having the hobby of wood working and furniture building for almost forty years, I headed down to the “pit” and got busy. I always have wood hanging around for projects and wanted to design something of parody for my pipes. I designed two different stands. The Lion Head and the Tilt Head. They worked great and I thought why not show them to a few pipe dealers. The next thing I know I’m taking orders. A month before the Chicago show I called Tracy at Smokingpipes.com and asked her if I could design some high end one of a kind stands out of exotic wood for the show. She said yes and this is where it’s led to.

#2In creating this new collection I have had great support and assistance from people in the pipe industry. The first is my friend Jon Rinaldi. Jon is one of the premier pipe designer/manufacturer in the USA. His pipes possess a unique and impeccable line. They are also some of the best quality and engineered pipes I have ever smoked. Jon has been part mentor, part teacher, and good friend since we met. I can pay him no greater compliment then to say he is a generous man and makes what I do all the more enjoyable. The next is of course is the gang at Smokingpipes.com. I have no doubt that Sykes Wilford would have been a success at anything he choose to do. He and his entire organization ooze professionalism. Just an all around delight to deal with. Also at smokingpipes.com is Tracy Berry. She is an amazement at getting things done. I also have to thank Pipes and Cigars, Ben at Tobaccopipes.com, and Kevin at Iwan Ries. These dealers help me gain a foothold in this industry and have been instrumental in allowing me to take it to another level. I am very fortunate to have great people to do business with.