Custom Pipe Stand Orders

#4Though I think I have laid out a pretty good spread, there are always interesting ideas that I have yet to explore and try. If you have a different “tilt” on a stand you’d like to have, just give me a call or use my contact page and we can discuss it. If we come up with a workable idea and agree on price, I wouldn’t expect to take more than a couple of weeks to get it to you.

You will find me very receptive to custom work. I love the challenge of working with your ideas to come up with a unique design I might not have considered myself. Some of the best work I’ve done has been as a result of the old expression “two heads are better than one”. I won’t quit until we nail the piece “dead on”. You will be involved in the process from beginning to end and receive emails of “pics” as the work proceeds.

I keep a full inventory of the varieties of wood I’ve shown on the site, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be on the lookout for something new. My wood guys are pretty good and if I ask for something they can generally get it within a reasonable amount of time.

I require a 25% deposit to begin the piece. Once completed, the balance is due in full prior to shipping. Of course, there is a 100 % guarantee and if you are not satisfied after receiving the stand, the cost is fully refundable.

Current Available Wood Inventory:

Zebra Wood Marble Wood Chechen Mora
Jabillo Granadillo Myrtle-figured Bubinger curly
Bubinger figured Madagascar Ebony Gabon Ebony Ziracote
Coco Bolo King Wood Snake Wood Bacote
Leopard Wood Teak Walnut Burl Walnut Figured/flame
Maple Spalted Maple figured-quilted Maple curly/tiger Maple Burl
Tamarind Spalted Canary Wood/Yellow heart Satine/Red Heart Black Palm
Buck Eye Burl Honduran Rosewood Indonesian Rosewood Caribbean Rosewood
Wenge Mahogany Paduak