Gabon Ebony: 8 Pipe Stand

Do you remember when Dorothy says to the Scarecrow “I think I’m going to miss you most of all”? That’s how I feel about this stand. This is my quintessential stand. I was actually sad to finish this piece and move on to something else. With the cost of “A” quality Gabon Ebony you can’t just shoot from the hip and make them at will. This wood polished up to look like a piece of Onyx. I laminated the riser support to carry the look throughout the stand. Who ever selects this piece you have to promise to photograph it with your pipes set up on it. I want to post it on the site. It is a substantial piece of work to display very fine pipes on.

Base: Joined Quilted Maple and Gabon Ebony

Trim: Figured Maple and Gabon Ebony

This Pipe Stand Has Been Sold

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