Quilted English Walnut: 7 Pipe Stand

When I was in my twenties it was all about Walnut. Every woodworker I know admits his Walnut phase. Walnut, Walnut, Walnut, give me the Walnut. Walnut up, Walnut down, Walnut, Walnut, Walnut, I need Walnut. Half the furniture in my house is Walnut. Though my tastes have definitely broadened over the years I have to admit I am still a Walnut guy at my core. This is a rich piece of Quilted Walnut. Very readable grains,  brilliance, and chatoyancy  not typical of a darker wood. There is something majestic about a good piece of Walnut. Its the porterhouse steak of woods. “Give me the Walnut” You can’t go wrong.

Base: Figured Maple and Black Lacquer over Maple

Trim: Quilted Maple and Walnut

This Pipe Stand Has Been Sold

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