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The “EXOTICS” line of stands represent only the finest examples of the variety of woods I select to use. It is not unusual for me to look through hundreds of pieces and select only one or two. Every stand is unique and the shape of the design has as much to do with the grain on the individual piece of wood as to what my design concept is. In the end the wood always wins out. Both the wafer and the sphere are rare earth magnets and have incredible holding strength. The finish is four coats of sprayed lacquer then finished off with hand polishing. Each piece comes with a brass medallion name plate underneath. They are in every way fine furniture.

If you’re looking for a special display to compliment the artistry of your finer pipes, I have a large variety of shapes and woods to choose from. If there is something you have in mind don’t hesitate to contact me. We’ll design something together.

Neal Yarm