Quilted Maple Burl Free Edge: 8 pipe Stand

When I saw this piece of wood I flipped. The quilting is so deep that with the polishing done it looks as if you could use it as a pillow. It is that plush. I knew immediately I would present this piece with a free edge and didn’t think twice about the intricate sanding. There was no other way to go. I thinned the Ebony and Rosewood trim to counter the natural edge with a dash of refinement. There are two long Quilted Maple legs and you get the full effect of the shade variations in the wood. The Rosewoods table pads completes the visual. In simple “Neal English”, KILLER PIECE !

Legs: Shaped Figured Maple with Rosewood table pads

Trim: Gabon Ebony, Rosewood, Gabon Ebony

This Pipe Stand Has Been Sold

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