Maple Burl: 5 Pipe Stand

This piece of Maple Burl has a rich medium range color . It translates into a warmer and deeper looking matrix. With the polishing done it picks up a three dimensional appearance.
I chose English Walnut for the trim to compliment the richer tones. Also put a slight curve, (not to much) to jazz it up a little. The stand is floating on a piece of Mahogany and finished off with some exciting Spalted Tamarind lounge legs. Still it has a very regal and refined overall look. As when working with any burl woods I try to capture the natural beauty of the grain matrix and don’t get overly aggressive at trying to sand away small imperfections. If you’re to aggressive with burls you end up sanding the wood down to nothing because the grain patterns usually carry through the entire piece of wood.

Legs: Spalted Tamarind
Base: Mohogany
Trim: English Walnut, Quilted Maple and English Walnut

This Pipe Stand Has Been Sold

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