Ziricote: 7 Pipe Stand

This is a hard wood to get. And even harder to get a nice piece of. I grabbed two pieces when they arrived. This is really “exotic” wood. Browns, dark olives, and black make up a very fluid grain. I don’t think Ziracote has to many equals. It is certainly unique. I formed the base with Teak. The to woods work so well together. On the outside I had a piece of Madagascar Ebony I bought just for trim. It had a greenish hue to the grain. The match up to the Ziracote is wild. This is something different and special and something I can’t get regularly at this quality. This one is right up there for me.

Base: Joined Teak and Ziracote on Black Lacquer over Maple

Trim: Madagascar Ebony and Teak

This Pipe Stand Has Been Sold

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